About Us

About Us

Founded in 2007 and focusing mostly on residential services, Avolved Technical Services added commercial offerings in the mid 2010’s. This includes Audio Visual integration services, structured cabling and security systems. In the past AV technologies and data networks co-existed only in very superficial processes. However, with emerging technologies like networked audio (Dante), end to end video encoders/decoders and software teleconferencing like Zoom, Teams, WebEx and Blue Jeans, this is no longer the case. AV and IT have EVOLVED. AVolved Technical Services leverages its experience to help businesses and homes seamlessly merge these once two distinct disciplines into one cohesive experience.

AVolved Technical Services is truly where innovation exceeds expectations.

Our Team

Brandon X. Lue-Hing (CEO, Founder)

Brandon’s goal is to create simple plug and play AV systems that clients could consistently enjoy without having a degree from MIT. This applies to both residential and commercial systems.  Inspired by Bill Gates’ “The Road Ahead”, Brandon often ponders the question “What can’t people live without, but don’t know it yet?” This ideal is the driving force behind why Avolved Technical Services was founded…..simple solutions for a complicated world.  In his spare time, Brandon is avid movie goer and tinkerer.

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